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(Independent Rep)

Imagine clothing that:

Feels good to wear AND performs well all while boosting your confidence!

It's possible with Zyia Activewear!

Whether you are working out, working at your desk, on vacation, hauling kids, or just running errands around town - the Zyia Activewear clothing line is designed with YOU in mind.

Scroll down to see a few of my top favorite Zyia activewear pieces. I didn't list them all because you would be scrolling all day.

When you are ready to shop, head on over to my Zyia boutique!

My Favorite Zyia Bottoms


Light n' Tight Pocket Leggings

Unwind Joggers

These leggings give you some lift and tuck action while staying put NO MATTER WHAT!


Not only that, but they also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, lengths, and fit sizes 0-20.

No wonder they are Zyia's most popular leggings.

AND they have pockets.

If you don't understand the hype about joggers, try these beauties! Be careful because you will get hooked just like I did!


These joggers can be dressed up for a night on the town or down for a relaxing night on the couch.


Available in other colors and sizes XS - 3X, they are SO COMFY you will want to sleep in them!

My Favorite Zyia Tops


Bomber Bra


Parallel Tank

It might sound weird, but the best way I can describe this bra is that it feels like a gentle hug that doesn't let go and is by far, the most comfortable bra I have ever worn!


Say no to crappy bras and snag one of these beauties for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


This bomber bra comes in lots of colors, patterns, and fits sizes XS - 3X

I wear these tank tops almost every day of the week because they are not only a great base layer for added warmth, but they are breathable for warmer weather! Perfect for those days when the weather can't pick a temperature.


These tanks ALSO provide enough coverage to look professional during the day and relaxed after working hard.


These tanks come in lots of colors and sizes from XS - 2X.

Because We ALL Deserve Great Clothes

Life is too short for clothing that feels uncomfortable, that is tight in all the wrong places, whose waistbands roll, or material that chafes when you are CRUSHING that hard workout.


It's time to invest in clothing that works WITH you not against you.

Head over to my Zyia Activewear boutique now to experience a clothing revolution!


P.S. We carry clothing for men and kids, AND accessories too!


Why I Partner With Zyia Activewear

I partner with Zyia Activewear aligns not only with my business as a health coach, but they also align with me personally as a woman, athlete, mother, & daughter.


Plus, I am here all day long for women supporting other women.


It is in the 4 pillars of Zyia - community, activity, light, and uplift - that Zyia resonated with me.


I truly believe we all deserve clothing that fits well, performs with power, looks good, and boosts our confidence, no matter what our body type is.


With an inclusive brand like Zyia, I feel good about sharing this brand with others so they, too, can enjoy all day stylish and empowering comfort.

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