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Introducing A Brand New Course!

5 Key Questions

Answer These Questions to Reach Your Wellness Goals

As a health coach I firmly believe in helping people answer these 5 critical questions to set them up for success. Now you can have access to the process I take my clients through at a significant savings.

Once you finish this course you will:

⭐️have a clear path to your goals and a plan that supports you every step of the way

⭐️tools and strategies to keep you going when motivation wears off

⭐️the mindset to achieve sustainable results whether it's with weight loss, a new workout routine or another wellness goal

⭐️confidence in your ability to achieve any goal you set your mind to

⭐️the opportunity to show up as your best self in every role you play in your life (parent, partner, friend, employee, entrepreneur)

⭐️gain the tools to make meal planning & prepping easier & part of your regular routine

⭐️freedom from the frustrating cycle of achieving goals only to see the wheels come off again and again

Sounds pretty great, right? I mean it will literally be like having me as your coach right along side you as you put together the foundation you need to achieve any of your wellness goals! Plus you get to go through this course at your own pace, on your own time and you can even do all of it in your pajamas!

This course is for anyone who:

👉🏼is tired of diets that mean temporary weight loss and inevitable weight gain

👉🏼has stopped and started at the gym too many times to count

👉🏼knows they need to cook at home more but can't remember the last meal that didn't come from the freezer section of the store or from a drive through

👉🏼is ready for a new path this time!

👉🏼wants to achieve more but feels like life keeps getting in the way

👉🏼wants 2020 to be the year they crush their goals



Together we will:

  • Discover your individual needs in the areas of habit setting, mindset, nutrition, exercise, sleep & so much more!

  • Set goals and work towards lasting change

  • Look at all of the areas of your life that affect your overall health

  • Celebrate your successes!

What you get: 

  • Four sessions per month via phone or in person

  • Email/text support between sessions

  • Resources specific to your needs and goals

  • A plan tailored to fit you​

  • A coach who's been there, done that and felt the frustration with diets that just don't work, digestive issues and low energy

  • One free month membership in the Vibrant & Thriving Community led by me

  • All of this for a monthly investment in you of $250 a month. Discounts given for 3 & 6 month packages.


Sometimes you just need a little spark to get you started on a whole new path. Join this FREE Facebook group with other members that are on the same path as you. In this group you will receive encouragement, information, tools and support and have access to challenges created by me to help you kickstart a new healthy habit. Past challenges have included topics such as hydration, clearing clutter, and adding greens into your daily diet. 

Follow this link to join today!

Together we will:
  • ​​​​Assess your current level of fitness

  • Discuss your health history

  • Work together to create goals that are challenging and achievable

What you get:

  • A training plan customized for you based on your level of fitness and goals

  • Tools and information to help you grow as a runner

  • A RRCA certified coach who has run every distance from 5K to 26.2 Miles, with experience coaching beginner runners

  • Help tweaking your nutrition to support your running

  • Unlimited text and email support during training to answer questions, provide support, encouragement and accountability.

  • All of this for a monthly investment in you of $250 a month

Investing in your health is one of the most valuable choices you can make.