(a.k.a. Times are crazy right now, let me help!)
If you're feeling overwhelmed because:
  • everyone is home 24/7
  • working from home brings it's own set of challenges (do the kids ever stop eating?)
  • you're feeling overwhelmed and the motivation to cook or workout has left the building,
I'm here to help!
For the first time ever, I'm offering Single Strategy Sessions to help you come up with a plan to navigate your eating and exercise right now. 
Schedule your 1 hour session with me and we'll tackle your top concerns and I'll give you key tools and tips to get you on track. 
We can cover topics like: 
  • meal prepping & planning
  • how to avoid overeating at this time
  • workouts that will help you feel better physically and mentally
  • tackling your morning with a routine that is a game changer
  • how to boost your energy
  • how to avoid weight gain at this time
  • sleep, stress management and  more!
  One time fee of $99 
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 11.19.39
The Cleary Method - Duet Sessions
Because some things are just better when shared with friends!
Reach your goals together with Duet Sessions. You get all of the same benefits of 1:1 coaching (see below) plus the added benefit of extra accountability, encouragement, support and even laughter as you take this journey together!
Plus sharing the cost can show your budget some love too!
$395 per month. Discounts given for 3 & 6 month packages.
3 frame sisterhood.png
Together we will:
  • Discover your individual needs in the areas of habit                   setting, mindset, nutrition, exercise, sleep & more!
  • Set goals and work towards lasting change.
  • Look at the areas of your life that affect your health.
  • Celebrate your successes!
What you get: 
  • Four sessions per month via phone or Zoom.
  • Email/text support between sessions.
  • Resources specific to your needs and goals.
  • A plan tailored to fit you​.
  • A coach who's been there, done that and felt the               frustration with diets that just don't work, digestive                    issues and low energy.
  • One free month membership in the Vibrant & Thriving         community led by me.
  • All of this for a monthly investment in you of $395 a month.
  • Discounts given for 3 & 6 month packages.
Sisterhood 4 Wellness
Sometimes you just need a little spark to get you started on                   a whole new path.
Join this FREE Facebook group with other women that are                    on the same path as you. In this group you will receive:
  • encouragement,
  • information,
  • tools and support and
  • have access to challenges created by me to help you            kickstart a new healthy lifestyle.
Past challenges have included topics such as hydration,              clearing clutter, and adding greens into your daily diet. 

"Habits are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle."

- Colleen Cleary