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Overwhelmed with how to get started for your best life?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

So you’re feeling ready for better health? Maybe you’re looking for more energy, clothes to fit more comfortably, the ability to participate fully in the life you’ve created for yourself.

So where should you start?

Is it best to join a gym?

Hire a trainer?

Drink more water?

Or maybe sign up for that healthy meal delivery service?

You’ve heard your neighbor talking about that new 30 day program that she loves, maybe that’s the right step.

It can feel overwhelming, right?

Here’s what I recommend:

First, get clear on what your goals are. It’s hard to design a road map without a clear destination.

Next, no matter what your neighbor is doing you need to know what will serve you best. I highly recommend looking at the areas that will move you towards your goal AND that feel the easiest to tackle first.

Read that again. I want you to start with what feels easy first. Notice the absence of go big or go home energy.

Think about it. You’re already busy, probably struggling to have enough energy just to get through the day and although when you first set a goal there can be extra energy to force yourself to show up it won’t last.

Think about New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever set one before and been super gung ho to make it stick? For a while, you do just that. But then, the reality of daily life piles on and things start to slide.

Next thing you know it’s spring time and you can’t even remember what your resolution was.

The solution? Start with small easy steps.

The kind you can show up for even on the days when it’s a struggle. In the beginning of reaching for goals and establishing habits and routines, consistency is where it’s at.

Consistency is the name of the game.

When I’m working with clients I tell them I’d rather get a report from them that they showed up for 5 minutes of yoga, 4 days in a week then one day for 30 minutes. Why? Consistency.

We have to retrain the brain to accept that 4 days a week it’s time for yoga. Over time you can build that 5 minutes into 10 then into 15. But first you gotta show up!

Also, as you keep showing up consistently you start to build your confidence and identity as a person that doesn’t give up and this is KEY to success.

So is your identity.

Years ago I found myself in a running slump. I wasn’t motivated to get out the door for my regular runs and I found myself cutting my runs short often. I started to wonder if I was ready to give up running.

I for sure started to beat myself up for my lack of motivation too. It’s funny how doubting ourselves and shaming ourselves isn’t helpful when it comes to motivation.

Then I saw an ad for a necklace with a small charm on it of a woman running. I decided to buy it for myself and wear it every day so that when I looked in the mirror I could remind myself that I was in fact a runner.

It worked! Little by little I found joy in running again and started building my weekly miles again. One thing to note is that sometimes for runners when we find ourselves feeling low like that it can be a sign of burnout or overtraining. So if this happens for you, please be sure to check in mentally and physically to see what’s going on.