What is a Health Coach And Should You Hire One?

What does a health coach do anyway and why should you hire one is one of my most favorite questions.

The field of health coaching in the Wellness world is still relatively new and continues to grow and evolve every day.

According to the Kressler Institute, “health coaches are experts on human behavior, motivation, and health. They are “change agents” who help their clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits.”

I couldn’t agree more. That is exactly who I see myself as - a change agent helping people reach for and live their best lives.

Overall, health coaches specialize in lots of different areas including diabetes management, weight loss, stress management, autoimmune disorder support, leveling up exercise routines, and so much more.

For myself, the clients I primarily work with are women ready to ditch the stop and start again cycle of dieting so they can finally take the weight off, keep it off and live the lives they want to live with more energy, joy and confidence.

With that in mind, I am going to give you a little peek into what it is like to work with me as a client.

Colleen Cleary Wellness Headquarters

What I Do As Your Health Coach

The very first step is to book a call with me.

I hold 30 precious minutes of space for you to tell me a bit about your history, your current state of wellness, & where you would like to be.

Then, I share what I specialize in and how I can help you or if I think you would be a better fit for another practitioner.

Not all clients/coaches are the right fit for each other and I truly want you to be successful, not just fill a spot on my roster.

If you are feeling ready to move forward, we get down to the nitty gritty and schedule a standing time for your sessions booked on my calendar and yours, and away we go!

Next, you will receive a new client bundle from me that includes some helpful printables to use if they serve you. Think meal planning calendar, journal prompts & more.

I also have you fill out a health history form so I can get more details about your current health and use it as a baseline for your progress.

Once all the boring stuff is completed and the first session day arrives - you might be feeling anxious, nervous, excited, unsure, or something else entirely.

Whatever you are feeling, these are all valid feelings!

During the first few sessions, we will get clarity around the goals that you are aiming for so we can design a roadmap to get you there.

If accountability is something that serves you, we set a schedule for what that will look like in between your sessions.

Accountability is not for everyone but it can give you a boost as you get started.

Subsequent sessions include a lot of mindset work plus a focus on small steps to take in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress management and more.

Keep in mind that because Wellness looks different to everyone, no two client journeys are exactly the same!

The Cleary Method is designed with you, as an individual, in mind.

The Cleary Method is NOT a box that I design to put you into with everyone else. If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all option, The Cleary Method is not it!

In fact, I absolutely let you take the lead by showing and sharing with me what you are ready for.

Some weeks you will be ready for bigger moves and challenges, while other weeks - you will be a holding steady pattern.

That is nothing to be ashamed of. We are humans, not robots. Sometimes we have to stall before we can fly.

Each week, I bring a topic of the week ready to share with you.

It can be something small, subtle, and powerful, or something more.

Sometimes it requires homework on your part and other times it’s a seed that we plant and plan to revisit later.

Why You Should Hire A Health Coach

Now maybe you are thinking these are all things you can do on your own. How hard can it be, right?

As a big fan of DIY myself, I get that point of view.

But let’s face it, if you were going to do it you would have by now. No judgment here, just keeping it real.

Just read my previous post. I tried the DIY route and I still ended up seeking help.

When my clients work with me, they have someone to be accountable to outside of themselves.

Something they get to check in weekly about how your week has gone.

Whether it is unloading about the kids to planned activities to meal planning to releasing family drama and putting a voice to your worries so you don’t have to bottle it all up - our sessions are about taking the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on your health.

In the beginning of any new program, you are more likely to show up when someone else is checking in on you.

Over time, you will gain small wins and momentum that will help you show up for yourself without needing an accountability buddy.

But until then, I will be there for you.

Over time you can expect to transform from following the go big or go home mentality.

You will also lessen the strength of those self-sabotage muscles that drive you to crazytown and instead find yourself showing up consistently for the habits and routines that truly serve you.

Imagine those old excuses fading into the background and no longer allowing them to rule you.

You get to live a life where you not only know what serves you best in the areas of eating, workouts, sleep, stress management, mindset and more, you get to show up consistently.

Because consistency is where the magic happens!

One of the biggest challenges my clients commonly face is getting over the desire for instant results.

A journey with me isn’t a quick fix but instead a lasting transformation that gives you tools and strategies you can use long after our time together comes to an end.

I’m always available to connect with you between sessions in case questions come up, you need additional support or want to share a win with me. I’m here for all of it!

If you've read this far, I'm guessing you might be toying with the idea of jumping on a call with me to learn more and start living your best life. It's super easy to do just click here to snag a time on my calendar.

Until we connect again, I wish you peace + wellness.


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