The Transition Continues...

For my family this September brings not just another fall but an even bigger change. We moved our middle child to start her university life in Canada. This transition has been one of the most challenging for me as a parent. Through the years as my children have headed off to preschool, kindergarten all the way through high school I've looked forward to what the new experience would be for them. I'm not going to lie, I also enjoyed that it brought me a little quiet time during my years as a stay at home mom! 

This transition has been different. It has challenged me in ways I wasn't expecting even though I've studied plenty about mindset and I'm naturally inclined to look for the silver lining. As much as I was dreading saying good bye the process of procuring her study visa turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it was frustrating, confusing and overwhelming to say the least. After spending a couple of weeks trying to navigate the online process we received noticed that her application was rejected. I pulled my hair out for a moment and then went into solution mode. The frustration from this process was actually a blessing as I realized that once we got to the campus to move her in it meant that we had successfully navigated everything. I'm happy to report that the approval came through three days before we left. Three days!

Once we were on campus slowly the dread started to fade but not before tears were shed a few times on my part. I finally chose to turn it into a giggle with my family as I never really knew when they were going to come on. For instance, my boyfriend and I were shopping in the grocery store. He went around the corner to grab something and I suddenly realized I was going to cry just because I was alone in the aisle. For the record I don't typically find grocery shopping something to cry about. Nonetheless, as more things were checked off the to do list and as my daughter began making more connections all of us began to feel better. When the time came to say good bye I felt a mix of excitement for what was to come for her and the pull of a mamas heart that tells us we need to be close to take care of our children.

It's now been a week since drop off and day by day we're all settling into this new normal. I'm happy to say that the sadness and dread are gone. Of course I'm a mama so I still carry some worry in my heart but I can accept that. There are sure to be more challenges ahead but I'm confident that not only will everything work out but that she's in the right place and that we haven't actually said good bye just good bye for now.

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