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My Top Tips For Goal Setting

What to include when setting goals so you can reach them!

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Want to harness that new year energy?

Here are my top recommendations for how to set goals and show up for the work required (so the wheels don't come off).

As a health coach, one piece to my work is to help my client get clarity on the goals they’re longing to achieve and to create a plan to achieve them.

It seems pretty simple to think of a goal to work on and yet you may have experienced the frustration of longing for results only to wake up 6 months or even 6 days later and realize you failed to show up for the work

Here are my top tips for making it work this time.

1. First, get real about where you stand currently. Let’s pretend you want to become a runner and run your first-ever 5K/3 mile race.

If you’re starting from a place of no exercise for the last year your steps forward will look different than someone who’s been walking daily for the last 6 months. So get clear and realistic about your starting place.

Go Big or Go Home Isn't Serving You

2. Now you can create a timeline that’s reasonable for you and work backward to plan the steps necessary to reach your goal. Notice the word reasonable? This flies in the face of go big or go home mentality and that’s a good thing. Small steps taken consistently wins every single time. Otherwise, you risk burnout, injury, overwhelm, and more while never reaching your goal.

3. Now it’s time to consider the tools you need to reach this goal. The obvious ones would be new running shoes and a sports bra. The one you may have forgotten in the past to consider is your environment.

Your environment can either work for you or against you.

In general, you want your environment set up so that it’s as easy as possible to get the work done and as challenging as possible to skip the work.

For example, set those new running shoes, sports bra, and other gear out in plain sight where it’s super easy to put on and go when it’s time to run.

If everything is dirty in the hamper or tucked in the back of your closet you’ll have to spend more time getting ready and during that time your toddler brain could easily talk you out of that day’s workout.

Let's Talk About Mindset

4. One final tip for now. You will need a shift in mindset to reach your goal and to keep going from there. Mindset is a deep topic that I could talk about for days but it’s enough to say that it includes whether or not you believe you can achieve your goal, and if you allow self-sabotage to get in your way.

We can talk all day long about how long you should run today and at what pace but without your mindset dialed in things will fall apart.

The good news is, you’re not stuck in a mindset that works against you and you have the power to change it. The tough news is, it takes work!

If that’s the kind of work you’re feeling ready for in this new year, I invite you to connect with me here to see how I could help you make lasting mindset shifts that serve you in the long run.

Until we connect again, I wish you peace + wellness.