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Leading Hygge Challenges Taught Me How to Lead An Exceptional Life

Read on to see how it can do the same for you.

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hygge noun

hyg·​ge| \ ˈhyü-gə

Hygge is a cultural practice and belief in Denmark.

It is a quality of coziness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

If you are not familiar with Hygge, let’s start with how to pronounce it.

First off, it’s a fun word to say as far as I’m concerned. When pronounced properly, it sounds like hoo-gah, a bit like an old car horn.

There is a lot of info out there about adopting a hygge lifestyle and after a few years of running an annual hygge challenge in my Sisterhood 4 Wellness group, I came upon the sweetest little book, The Secret Joy of Hygge, while at an airport.

It was a quick read and after finishing that book I was in love with hygge even more.

Hygge, for me, is all about slowing down and being intentional with how you spend your time and the space that you spend it in.

And as I have learned more about this lifestyle and continued to run these challenges, there are a few components that I have included in my own life.

Incorporating Hygge Into Everyday Life

Creating Small Cozy Vignettes And Spaces In My Home

Sometimes, looking at - or even just thinking about - decorating and furnishing a home can feel like an overwhelming project.

However, I equally love creating coziness one small space at a time.

It can be one bookshelf that I dust off and add a framed photo or a souvenir from a trip to and immediately it creates comfort when I look at it.

Grabbing some new throw pillows for our living room gave it an immediate and satisfying upgrade.

Next time you enter a room, look at the space and really think about how to make it more comforting and cozy.

Then break down the steps into manageable pieces and small steps.

Lighting Candles

Lighting candles doesn't need a lot of explanation but I will share a funny story with you.

I recently found a local candle maker that makes the most divine candles.

After I brought home my first one, I never lit it.

It was so heavenly I did not want it to ever disappear.

So, instead, I would simply take the lid off and inhale its amazing scent (blackberry magnolia to be exact),