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Diets Are Bullshit

If you close your eyes right now and listen to the ads you could almost imagine it’s springtime. Prime time for all the ads about diets and products to help you lose weight.

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See if this sounds familiar.

You’ve been wanting to lose weight and you’re telling yourself you’re going to wait until the new year, and then you’ll go on X Diet. Up until that start date you’ve decided you better enjoy all the holiday indulgences while you can because once that diet starts the party is over.

Now, which diet to choose?

Your neighbor lost a bunch of weight on diet X.

The TV ads for diet Y look pretty convincing.

Or maybe that one you went on two years ago could work again.

As you consider your options you feel doubt about whether or not you’ll be successful but make yourself feel better by insisting that this time you’ll have stronger willpower because that’s clearly what went wrong last time.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth.

If diets were the answer they would be a one-and-done. You’d lose the weight and it would stay off. Period. But that’s not what happens, is it?

They are appealing as they look like a short-term, quick fix but what they really should be called is a short-lived nightmare causing long-term damage.

Damage to your self-esteem.

Damage to your confidence.

Damage to your mindset.

Damage to your metabolism.

When we ride that roller coaster of weight loss and gain over and over again with one diet after another we disconnect from our ability to tune into what truly works best for us as individuals. You lose confidence in yourself and feel like only a diet that tells you exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when will help you succeed.

Often we see the weight coming off just enough to keep us hopeful.

Then the second we step outside the restrictive framework what happens? Weight creeps back on. Maybe we quickly get back on the diet and keep going or maybe by then we’ve lost the drive to stay so restricted. I mean, remember when eating was more enjoyable?

Did you know that on average, girls as young as 6-8 years old go on their first diets and that women will go on 1-2 diets per year over the course of their lifetimes?

What the actual hell?

If diets are the answer then why are they failing so many of us?

Because diets are the answer for the diet companies’ bottom line. Not for you.

They thrive on repeat business.

You deserve better.