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I see YOU because 
I WAS you

Hi! My name is Colleen and my purpose in life is to help as many women as I can achieve levels of energy and confidence they have only dreamt about. 

My goal is to help women ditch dieting, upgrade and master their habits, and create healthier, sustainable lifestyles. 

I know losing weight is hard and keeping it off can feel damn near impossible because I fought hard too.

That's why I created The Cleary Method. 

My groundbreaking holistic method will help you lose weight so you can experience freedom from diet culture and reach a level of wellness that will fuel the kind of life that YOU'VE been longing for.

How I Got Here

I have struggled with digestive issues since childhood. 

As an adult, I began putting on extra weight, finding it hard to get through my days with low energy.

Because my energy was non-existent, I developed a WICKED caffeine habit and started drinking Diet Cola from the moment I woke in the morning, until I quite literally FELL into bed.

As a mother of 3 young children, besides being constantly busy, I consistently put everyone else's needs first, never factoring in my own needs. 

While I was consistent, I never came first and my wellness suffered.

I knew I needed to clean up my eating patterns, but I didn't know where to start and consistently quit before I made any lifelong change. 

As for workouts, they didn't exist because imagining how to find the time OR the energy was exhausting


That is until I created:

The Cleary Method.

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And NOW, I am here to help YOU get through the fog as well.!

The Cleary Method is Born

After I turned 40, I became a distance runner.

I began to focus on my health and wellness and put myself first because I was not headed in a healthy direction. I became my very first client.


Through research and working with my own health coach, I experienced such a dramatic transformation that it became the foundation for:

The Cleary Method.

Not only did I lose weight, but I discovered that my body thrives on certain types of food while others give me non-stop issues.

This discovery helped me learn how to menu plan and meal prep like a pro so I no longer struggle with that infinite question "What's for dinner?"


A critical discovery that I pass on to all of my clients to help them pinpoint the foods that work for them and those that can be thrown in the trash.

I've given up diet soda and no longer go through my days in a fog unless it's a foggy day and I am running straight through it.

IIN Certificate_edited_edited.jpg

Inspired by my own transformation to change lives

My transformation inspired me to earn a certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


There, I learned not just about how the food we eat affects us, but all the factors that affect our overall health.


It should come as no surprise nutrition and exercise is NOT a one size fits all. But most diets are just that - they tell you to do this exact thing to get these exact results.


Not only is that unhelpful and psychologically damaging, but the truth is, feeling deprived or punished is NOT the answer to long-term wellness.


And that is why The Cleary Method is not a diet and why I created this method to help all women re-learn how to trust themselves and their bodies.


As I maintain and improve my own wellness, I am constantly researching ways to support my clients on their path to success with mindset shifts and learning new ways to help create lasting healthy habits.

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A Joyful Life

When I am not filling my days with work that I love - talking to clients and sharing in their wins - I enjoy spending time with friends and family.


I run just about anywhere outdoors these days. Yes, even in the Oregon liquid sunshine (a.k.a. rain)


I practice yoga daily, love trying new recipes and restaurants, am an avid reader, and am an adventurous traveler.


But most importantly, I live The Cleary Method daily because it has allowed me to live this joyous life that I have built fully with energy and confidence.


All in all, life is really good!

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