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The  "Diets are BULLSHIT" Program

Reclaim your sanity while losing weight with this 3 month program without following another bullshit program that won’t work.

In just 3 months, you will RISE above your current routines and challenges and get to the HEART of what’s getting in your way.


All while building a new mindset and healthy habits, without the BULLSHIT.

Registration for this bullshit-free program will close on February 12, 2023! 

Schedule your call now to get questions answered & to sign up!

Imagine The Weight Coming Off Without Feeling:

Restricted, overwhelmed, a failure, and like your goal is slipping away along with your willpower. 

All while building healthy habits around eating, working out, and more.

Bullshit diets are BULLSHIT because they make you feel horrible WITHOUT helping you create long-term healthy habits.

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This Program Is For You, If You:

Have no idea what will work for you

Know what works for you but are just not showing up consistently

Have lost hope that you could enjoy permanent weight loss

Need guidance to get clarity on what to do AND to make a plan

Have lost weight before only to gain it back and beat yourself up for not sticking with it

Hear about a new diet, see the before and afters, and feel some hope that maybe this will finally be the diet that works!

While it might, it won’t last

Are sick and tired of the vicious cycle of BULLSHITdieting

Let's Talk Research!

Research (source) suggests that roughly 80% of people who shed a significant portion of their weight will not maintain the loss for 12 months when following a Bullshit diet.


PLUS, they regain, on average, more than half of what they lose within two years.


The "Diets are Bullshit" Program is designed to help you transform your habits so you KEEP the weight off.

The Diets Are Bullshit Program Bg3.jpg

OK, So What?

Truth is, you and I don’t need research and statistics to tell us what we have already experienced. I know. I have been there and done that with so many diets in the past! 
I am here to tell you that diets are BULLSHIT.

Grapefruit Diet
Weight Watchers
Cabbage Soup Diet
Low-Fat/Non-Fat Foods Diet
Cottage Cheese Diet
The Beverly Hills Diet

These are just a few of the BS diets out there. And these are JUST the ones I have tried more than once.


I was CONVINCED the problem was me, not whatever diet I was on at the time. 


I tried diet after diet. I lost and regained the same 50 pounds over and over again. It was, frankly, exhausting. 


The amount of time, energy, and money I put into those diets were never worth it. Yet, I didn’t know what else to do.


Sound familiar? Keep Scrollin'.

There is good news! And there is hard news.

Losing weight, and getting healthy, doesn’t have to be hard, but there is NO instant fix, it does take work, you have to be ready, and, change will not happen overnight


With the “Diets Are Bullshit” program, you will work on transforming and elevating your mindset and the beliefs that have only been plaguing you. 


In this program, you will work hard to shift them so they no longer work against you, but with you so you can accomplish all of your goals.

The good news is, at the end of our 3 months together, YOU will have created lifelong, sustainable habits that will help you NEVER need to diet again.

Because why? Say it with me. Diets are BULLSHIT!

The Diets Are Bullshit Program Bg4.jpg

Remember, we’ve done those short-term, quick fixes before and look where it landed us.

This Program Is NOT For Everyone.

Anyone looking to lose X number of pounds in one month for that event they have coming up.

Anyone not ready to get uncomfortable.

Your sessions will be private. You do NOT have to worry that I will share your secrets with the world. That is not the uncomfortable I am referring to.

I am talking about the discomfort of examining your self-sabotage patterns, the discomfort that comes with being vulnerable and making changes.


There is no perfect time to do this work but it does require coming to sessions with an open mind and readiness to learn and try something new.

I promise, I won’t ask you to live on cabbage soup!

What YOU can expect to achieve with 
the “Diets are Bullshit” program

The confidence that comes from knowing what choices serve you best not just for today but for the long run

You will create daily sustainable habits and routines that support the life you want. 

Sustainable routines that are critical for reaching your goals and keeping your results. Sustainable routines that create a sense of ease because you will no longer be wasting precious time and energy making decisions on the fly for your health.
You simply rinse and repeat what works.

More energy, confidence, and joy

It’s joyful to let go of the worry, guilt, and shame you cling to when you fall short of your goals, especially when you feel like you have failed at a bullshit diet..

Gain physical and mental energy

By making healthier choices consistently, you gain physical energy and free up sacred mental energy for the things you love - like time with friends, family, hobbies, work that you love, and so much more.

And, you will notice a ripple effect on the people around you

Without saying a word you will notice that the people around you, your partner, your kids, your friends - they, too, will start to make healthier choices just by following your example.

In 3 months, you WILL have a brand new outlook on life.
The one you have been chasing with BULLSHIT Diets.

All of this for investing $400*/month in you!
(*A. You're worth it. B. When 3 month package is paid in full)

The Diets Are Bullshit Program Bg5.jpg

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” 
- Maya Angelou

The “Diets are Bullshit” program
will help you know and do better.

On your own, you can have all the information but bridging the gap between knowing and doing can be overwhelming.


That’s where I come in as your coach! 

I help you go from knowing to doing without the overwhelm of another restricting diet. I help you find the fun in eating, the fun in doing, and the fun in living that bullshit diets won’t.

Ready? Have questions? Let's talk.

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