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Step #1: Why ARE you here?

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(Check all that apply because there is no wrong answer)

A. My healthy eating hardly qualifies as consistent

B. I'm so tired all the time, I cannot drag myself to the gym

C. I try meal prepping, but by the middle of the week, the wheels come off

D. I am so busy that I cannot imagine how to fit more on my plate

E. The idea of where to start, is overwhelming.


F. I put the needs of others ahead of my own

Interested in learning how you can lose weight AND keep it off without another diet?


Ready to create consistent routines so you can feel good about the food on your plate and have the drive to show up for those workouts even when the motivation is gone?

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If any of those statements hit a nerve or rang a little too true - OR - if you answered yes to either question,
You are in the right place!

Step #2: Let's Get To Work!

Own Your Mornigs

The  "Diets are BULLSHIT" Program

The Diets ar BULLSHIT Progra

With this program, reclaim your sanity while losing weight without following another bullshit program that won’t work.


In just 3 months, you will RISE above your current routines and challenges and get to the HEART of what’s getting in your way.


All while building a new mindset and sustainable healthy habits around eating, exercise, and more so that you will keep the weight off for good!


With me as your personal coach, I help you find the FUN in eating, so you gain energy, confidence, and joy, all while achieving those lifestyle goals you have been chasing with BULLSHIT diets. 

Because they are.

And because they do more harm than good.

You will also get:

  • Four sessions per month for 3 months via phone OR zoom

  • Accountability between sessions

  • Resources specific to YOUR needs and goals

  • A plan tailored to fit YOU and only you

  • A coach who has been there, done that, and felt the frustration with BULLSHIT diets that just don't work

  • The future that has been waiting for you

All this for a monthly investment

in YOU of $400/mo.*

(*when 3 month package paid in full)

Because some things are just easier when shared with friends!

Duet Sessions

Workout Friends

Change can be hard.


Especially when you are breaking toxic, outdated habits.


With duet sessions, you will not be alone on your journey.


You get all of the same benefits that come with 1:1 coaching (see below) PLUS the added benefit of extra accountability, encouragement, support, and even laughs as you take this journey together.

Reach your goals together with Duet sessions!

Besides, sharing the cost can show your budget some love too!

Grab your Bestie and Do-Si-Do on over!

$497/mo. Discounts given for 3 & 6 month packages

Duet Sessions
Helping Hands

Sisterhood 4 Wellness

Looking for a wellness community?

Come join us over in the Sisterhood 4 Wellness Facebook Group!

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