Ladies, I'm here to help you go from overwhelm to badass!

You can have a healthier lifestyle that gives you

more energy & confidence without yet another crazy diet. 

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Colleen Cleary

Holistic Health Coach 

End The Frustration

It's time to feel good about the food you're eating and feeding your family.

It's time to end that habit of eating that boxed Mac n Cheese off your kids plate as you clean up after dinner.

It's time to ditch dieting and feeling restricted.

Imagine week after week having a menu planned, food shopped for and prepped and the only thing you have to worry about is whether or not the closest store carries poster board for that project your kid just told you about.

It's time for healthy eating, more energy, better sleep and a workout routine that you actually show up for!

I've incorporated healthier choices to my diet and workouts resulting in weight loss though that is no longer the main focus. Working on my mindset has been the MOST beneficial tool I have learned. It’s still a work in progress but I feel more positive about my wellness. I realize that this journey is a marathon and not a sprint. When I struggled for a little bit you were there along side me, guiding me with simple and effective tools to address the struggle, shift the mindset to get refocused again.
-Stephanie Hawes, working mama of 2 year old twins
I would recommend Colleen to anyone who needs help and support with making changes no matter how big or small. She is caring, understanding and committed. She helped me more gentle on myself and I learned that I matter!
-Jill, working mother & grandmother
One particular area Colleen helped me with, is with the old habits I had did not serve me well during times of stress. I now know how to help myself get rebalanced, I have the tools to observe the stress-habits and address those before they become full-on habits that prevent my goals instead of supporting them. 
Ellie, solopreneur & athlete
I know what you're thinking, you've tried to clean up your eating and get those workouts done before.  How will it be different this time? The steps are simple:
  • Schedule a FREE call with me to discuss where you are now, what your goals are and how I can bridge that gap.
  • During our coaching sessions, I'll provide you with tools, tips and strategies for what to do when the motivation wanes, because it always does! 
  • I'll help you nail menu planning & meal prepping like a pro
  • You get unlimited support between sessions for accountability & encouragement. 
  • You'll also be invited to join my exclusive ongoing Facebook community.
  • Once you join I'll send you 2 FREE Bonuses: A recipe book and a meal planning guide just for signing up!
You can gain control over your daily choices and build healthy habits that last!
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"You can keep talking yourself out of the thing you're hoping for, or you can decide that your dream is more powerful than your excuse." 

-Rachel Hollis

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